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About Us

Welcome to the World of Delicious Pickled And Sauces, We Work 24 hours a day to offer you the taste of delicious ,healthy, types of pickles and Sauces.

The Idea of Golden Taste Factory was originated  from the experience of a  Bahraini Woman, who spent 26 years in making pickles and sauces at Home.The First Product that impressed everyone and it was the beginning of the launch;AUTHENTIC


Since 2017 the Golden Taste Factory was established. Today Pickles and Sauces  are prepared by the best chefs , all our products goes through  multiple stages at the Golden Factory before reaching customers. We have  Many distributors in different countries and we aim to distribute wordwide.

Besides, The Pickles and Sauces Section, a department for selling  Jars of Different Sizes is available.

Our Goal is your satisfaction and admiration.